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Security and Performance Monitoring


What is security and performance monitoring?

Protecting your sensitive info extends to all systems; whether they are your line of business applications, servers and pc's, emails or cloud storage, we can help protect all of them and ensure maximum uptime and performance so you don't have to worry. More than ever, hackers are targeting weak networks and organizations to steal client and employee data, including social security numbers, credit cards, and more. Having enterprise grade advanced technologies with machine learning and automation can give you the peace of mind and assurance that you are protected.

How do I protect my company and computers from hackers?

With security and remote monitoring services from PCS-MS, you’ll experience comprehensive system protection from virus' and malware, email and spam prevention, backup for systems and cloud applications (O365 email, sharepoint, etc), patch management...all of which come together to protect your business completely to protect your sensitive information.


Where can I find IT security services in Memphis?

Learn more about PCS-MS’s security services, including IT security and PCI compliance, and sign up to join hundreds of other companies who never have to worry about technology problems again thanks to our experienced IT professionals.

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