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Transforming HUMANS from the ‘weakest link’…

Transforming HUMANS from the ‘weakest link’…

Employees have long been viewed as the ‘weakest link’ in a business’s cyber security chain and, with human error still being the number one cause of data breaches, that unwanted crown has rightly been fixed for quite some time.

Even with organizations allocating more time and money towards tackling human cyber risk, employee-related security incidents continued to plague businesses.

But why was that?  Simply put, many businesses just aren’t doing enough to combat evolving threats. With cybercriminals using more advanced techniques to exploit humans, the traditional route of once-per-year security awareness training just isn’t enough to protect today’s businesses from the loss of sensitive information, reputational damage, and financial repercussions.

Even more, humans are human! Mistakes are going to happen, but hackers learn to take advantage of those mistakes and human tendencies for malicious gain…

So…what can we do?

Your employees don’t have to be your weakest link - they’re your first line of defense against cybercrime.

Here’s how PCS Managed Services can help transform your employees into a cyber security asset

Evaluate and assess your current risks by identifying knowledge gaps and data that may have already been exposed (dark web).

Implement a proactive training approach to reduce employee cyber risk by delivering effective, easy to use computer-based security awareness training to strengthen your users’ knowledge in core areas of security.

Simulate, measure, and communicate the key threats and techniques like phishing, social engineering, and password hygiene (brute force attacks). In addition, conduct mock-phishing exercises that analyzes employee vulnerability to targeted attacks.

From weakness to defense game plan


With an effective security awareness training strategy, you can transform your users into a solid first line of defense for identifying, avoiding, and reporting sophisticated attacks. The strategy works! In a recent study, the positive effects of implementing these solutions produces amazing results:

Study data taken from Varonis, Verizon and Ponemon
More benefits for your business:
  • Build a security-minded culture
  • Reduce user-related incidents
  • Avoid regulatory fines
  • Achieve compliance
  • Reduce downtime/ remediation
  • Safeguard corporate/ client data
CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about how PCS can help with security awareness solutions for your company and your people so they can be that vital first line defense.


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Posted by Kevin O'Connell at 09:27