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Medical Software


PCS-MS has helped more than 400 medical providers both large and small through software and hardware installation, IT management, secure system maintenance, and more. PCS-MS has partnered with Greenway Health and Relatient to help healthcare providers manage their practices, hospitals, and clinics at the click of a button.

Every industry in the world has been impacted by technology, and research indicates more than half of U.S. corporations now utilize some form of project management software. Why should you incorporate a project management software and patient management system into your practice? Keep reading to learn more.


How can EHR and practice management software benefit my practice?

Greenway Intergy allows health professionals to manage all aspects of their practice or clinic, so you can focus on more important things, like providing quality health care to your patients. With Intergy, you’ll be able to stream-line claims and reimbursement processes, saving you time and energy devoted to collections, invoices, and accounting management.

  • A certified EHR system that is a leader in practice management software
  • Less paper clutter
  • Lower costs
  • Focus on patient care and support
Less Clutter and Peace of Mind

With any EHR software, users can eliminate physical paper clutter and increase security by removing the danger of losing sensitive information due to theft or fire or water damage. Certified EHR systems like Intergy are proven to provide efficient processes for healthcare providers both small and large, so whether you’re a hospital or a small-town clinic, you can benefit from an EHR and practice management system.

Save Time and Money

With an online records and practice management system, your practice can save both time and money on transcription costs as well as employee costs by removing the need to hire additional employees to man appointment lines, track down overdue payments, send prescription reminders, verify insurance, and more. Plus, the less time employees have to spend on the computer, the more time they can spend providing quality customer service and patient care.



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