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Security Awareness Training- DNS Resolution

We Continue our Security Awareness Training by addressing some of the most common challenges for organizations who are now having to protect users, data, and clients while workers connect remotely or at the office to corporate systems.

Our focus will be to help you better understand what DNS resolution is, what it does, and recommendations for how to protect data at the office or at home, let’s get started!

What is DNS Resolution/ Filtering?

In one word it’s a “layer” of security. When reviewing the layers behind our security awareness training this is one that sometimes does get overlooked. A DNS filter will do several things that help protect users, clients and reduce the risk of unnecessary data loss. It works by cataloging and keeping up with sites (or URL’s) known to be considered Malicious. This service stands between you and the internet and when a request goes to a page that is known to be malicious it stops the transaction which prevents any malicious actions from going further. Consider it like an insurance policy should an end user make a mistake and hit a link that is designed to takes them to that bad place but stops instead.


Here are few other things this DNS Resolution/ Filtering layer does:


Provides Real-time URL threat protection with a database containing over 3 million known phishing sites, IP addresses, and URL’s. Note- A URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator”, which is basically a web address.

Every day these services identify around 100,000 NEW malicious threats and URLs to ensure the latest level of protection possible. These services also provide 100%​ coverage of the Top Million most visited websites with highly granular categories which include topic-based groups with over 10​ “​malicious” ​categories like Botnet, Phishing/Fraud, Malware, Command/Control, Cryptocurrency Mining, Ad Fraud, etc. 

This service does not prevent a user from hitting the links but as you can see acts like the layer we discussed a moment ago. If you are to have a successful security standard, it will require all these layers to work together for optimal results.


We hope this has been helpful, please continue to look for our follow up in the Security awareness series with topics to include: Recognizing a Cybersecurity threat, and more!

PCS Managed Services strives to provide a Stable, Secure, and Productive environment for its clients, and is here to help you! For more information, please call us or email us at for more information on how we can help better protect your team.





Posted by Jason Smith at 08:00