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Professional IT Consulting

How can you be the boss if your constantly stopping to deal with IT issues?

Being your own boss is a great thing. On the flip side, however, there are more than likely a handful of things about being your own boss that you weren’t necessarily aware of before the transition occurred. Or, you were aware of them… you just assumed you could “delegate” those tasks to others.

Boy, were you mistaken.

Like IT issues. Did those fly under your radar or what? If it’s not a computer glitch, it’s a network issue. If it’s not a backup thing, it’s a security nightmare. You didn’t build your own business just to become a half-baked expert in technology. But fortunately, if handled appropriately, this is one of those tasks that can actually be delegated.

Here at PCS Managed Services, we specialize in fully managed technology. In other words, every aspect of your infrastructure is handled by our technicians. Not you. Not your receptionist. Not your office manager. But by us. Through features such as proactive network monitoring, 24/7 IT support, preventative hardware maintenance, and comprehensive data backup protection, your technology will be one less thing to worry about. And what makes this even better, is that fully managed technology comes to you at a flat, monthly rate.

Since innovation is built on previous innovation, we've had front row seats on how technology has evolved and see how it has improved over the years. This allows us to get a perspective on what we know is on the horizon, plus know what is an actual proven technology. Since we monitor and test each innovation, it enables us to continually improve our portfolio of technology services and have our arsenal of services ready for any business.

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